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Dentist Designed Mouth Guard, That Tackles Snoring In It's Tracks

Why Use Stop Snore Mouth Guard?

  • As you sleep, your throat and mouth muscles naturally relax and expand making your airway smaller. If your breathing becomes too constricted, your reflexes kick in, your jaw drops and you automatically breathe through your open mouth. Snoring sounds occur when forced air passes through the restricted passageway and vibrates the soft tissues in the back of the throat. The more you gasp and struggle for breath, the louder sounds you make – similar to a powerful wind gusting through a window crack.
    • * Swollen nasal tissues caused by genetics, allergies, illness or injury.
    • * Dry and irritated airway caused by smoking, arid climate or forced-air heating.
    • * Over-relaxed muscles caused by medications, relaxants and alcohol near bedtime.
    • * Sleep apnea, a serious medical condition that results in breathing cessation during sleep.

  • Stopsnoremouthguard is FDA Cleared to treat snoring. In order to obtain FDA Clearance, the guard had to prove not only that the material is safe - but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose. We are so confident that you'll stop snoring immediately† - that we offer all of our customers a 30-day trial period to make sure it effectively works for you. So try it today, you have nothing to lose - except the frustration that comes with lack of sleep!
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I was really frustrated with my spouse because i couldn't get an adequite nights rest because of his snoring. His snoring really changed the dynamics of our relationship and intimacy because we couldn't sleep in the same room and slowly but surely we begin to notice the emotional seperation between the two of us. This product really helped my husband tremendously as he and i are able to sleep peacefully again at night and in the same room! - The Smiths

We were really skeptical about trying this product as we have tried others before. However this product truly works, as we are so much more refreshed in the morning. Best of all I don't have to leave the room any more! - The David's

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